Leveling History

Leveling History[edit | edit source]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 4.24 [Warrior] Lv. 22 N/A That was her level when she was still leading the Silver Spears.
Ch 3.09 [Wounded Warrior] Lv. 22+ [Ignore Pain] Leveled up "several times" after Albez, though it was only later shown that she gained a new Class and Skill.
Ch 4.27 H [Wounded Warrior] Lv. 26 N/A Revealed for the first time her new Class and Skill to her team.
Ch 5.12 [Wounded Warrior] Lv. 26+ N/A Leveled at least once from the Face Eater moth attack
Ch 6.18 H Revealed
[Wounded Warrior] Lv. 28
N/A She revealed that her Level in [Wounded Warrior] is 28.
In 6.39 it was discovered that she gained that level by having trained with Ksmvr and fought against low-level monsters over the last month.
Ch 6.39 N/A Revealed
[Keen Edge]
Ch 6.56 N/A Revealed
[Crescent Cut]
Ch 6.66 H & Ch 6.67 [Wounded Warrior] Lv. 32 (+?)

Conditions Met
[Wounded Warrior] → [Silversteel Armsmistress]

[Armform (Duelist)]
[Armform (Razorkind)]

Skill Change
[Crescent Cut] → [Sword Art: Curve of the Moon]

The fight against the army of Crelers and Adult in the Bloodfields allowed Yvlon to advance her class.
She explained later that [Crescent Cut] turned into [Sword Art: Curve of the Moon].
Ch 7.23 LM Revealed
[Lady] Lv. 4
N/A Revealed that she is a Level 4 [Lady].
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