Yvlon Byres is a member of the Byres family, and Ysara and Ylawes youngest sister. Initially she was a Silver-rank Adventurer and the leader of the Silver Spears. After losing her old teammates, she joins the new reformed Horns of Hammerad, and with them she would eventually become a Gold-rank Adventurer.

Appearance Edit

Yvlon is tall, gorgeous woman,[1] with long flowing golden hair,[2] fair skin, great teeth, a shapely nose, and nice ears. She has the faintest trace of a horrible scar across her left face.[3] Her arms are both made of a silvery living metal. Their form is malleable and can be shaped into armor, bludgeons, razors, or their default skin-like form.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

She is part of the Byres family, a minor noble family, which is distantly related to the the Reinhart family, thus making Yvlon a relative of Magnolia Reinhart.[2]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Lady] Lv. 4
  • [Silversteel Armsmistress] Lv. 32
    • Derived from [Warrior] > [Wounded Warrior]

Skills: Edit

  • [Armform]
    • [Armform (Duelist)]
    • [Armform (Razorkind)]
  • [Dangersense] (Not clear whether she has the Skill or one of her former team members)[4]
  • [Ignore Pain]
  • [Keener Edge]
  • [Sword Art: Curve of the Moon]
    • Derived from [Crescent Cut]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Equipment Edit

Current Equipment: Edit

  • Chest Plate, Vambraces, Greaves, Helmet and Gauntlets, enchanted to cushion blows and make the metal stronger.
  • [Lightweight] Ring.
  • Sword of Weight - Enchanted with [Weight]. It can become over 30 pounds heavy.[5]
    • Sword enchanted to be a bit sharper and sturdier.
    • In 6.66 H, the sword's enchantment broke and is constantly 30 pounds heavier at all times compared to only in swings. By 7.37, it is revealed that it was repaired by Hedault.
  • Hand mirror spelled for protection and backed with pure silver with further magics that would identify curses, hexes and so on. Will not reflect anything if it is not used by a Byres family member.[3]
  • Sparkhelm - Enchanted to flash a blinding light around the wearer.[6]

Former Equipment: Edit

  • Silver plate armor, sword and shield that were made of the highest-quality steel, an alloy of steel and silver, in fact, a Byres specialty. There wasn’t much silver in them, but they had enough to ward off some monsters and aid in beneficial magics.[3] = Melted down during the fight against the Fire Elemental.[7] Some of it fused with her arms.[8]
  • Forceshield Buckler.[9] = Given to Ksmvr.[10]

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ryoka, she looks like something out of a movie.[2]
  • She is everything Erin had ever dreamed of when she’d occasionally wondered if she could be a knight like one of her chess pieces, or someone like Indiana Jones or even a superhero.[11]
  • She resembles Lyon to a certain degree, though Yvlon has about a head of height on her and more muscles.[1]
  • Yvlon's former equipment had been made by a Level 32 [Blacksmith]. It was the armament of a [Knight], even though Yvlon was only a [Warrior].[3]
  • Just like her siblings, she can't use magic, as it is a mystery to her. She couldn’t even figure out how to cast a [Light] spell.[12]
  • She has callused hands.
  • When she was still leading the Silver Spears, Yvlon was a Level 22 [Warrior].[13]
  • Yvlon has three siblings[14], one of them being her older brother, Ylawes, and the other being two yet to be revealed sisters.[15] In 6.64 this was changed just one sister.
  • Yvlon is the only member of the Horns that Ksmvr does not usually use a title for; "Yvlon", as opposed to "Captain Ceria" and "Comrade Pisces"

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