Zamea is one of the tallest Half-Giants, due to the strong old blood of the Giants that ran trough her. She is the leader of the Nomads of the Sky and an ally and friend to Flos Reimarch.

Appearance Edit

She is thirty-feet tall,[1] with pale orange eyes and rugged skin, that is almost closer to something hard, mineral, than flesh.[2]

Personality Edit

She is bold as could be and good-spirited. She is also kind to the small folk. Having said that she culled animals for the slaughter with a laugh. And the small folk were below her in more than just stature. The only people Zamea treated like her fellow half-Giants were Flos, Orthenon, Mars, and Gazi. And perhaps the Quarass.[1]

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  • [Cleaving Arc]

Equipment Edit

  • Huge, ancient Axe made out of Steel.[2]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Flos) “A word, Reimarch? How about ‘yes’?”
  • (To Flos) “Stay. But come back from your little folk to dine with us tonight, King of Destruction! Food tastes better with one like you to enjoy it.”
  • (Declaration) “This is a sad day. A glorious day. I have seen my kin, a small brother in Izril. And heard one of my people die. For both, I will fight until Chandrar’s sands are wet with blood.”

References Edit

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