Lady Zanthia is one of the foremost [Ladies] in Izril. She is a confidant and trusted friend of Magnolia Reinhart.

Appearance Edit

Zanthia's her hair is pinned back, her face lined,[1] showing her advanced age, and has a tall, willowy stature.[2]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Lady] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

  • [Deft Hand]
  • [Gliding Steps]
  • [Polite Deflection]
  • [The Eternal Partner]
  • [Waltz: The Traveler’s Journey]

Trivia Edit

  • She once spanked a young Lord Tyrion Veltras for being a noisy upstart, which neither of them has forgotten.[3]

Quotes Edit

  • (To everyone) “I was there. I marched with the men and women of First Landing. I walked with the banners of Melissar. I saw House Walchaís fall. I saw my sons die like lions. I saw it.”
  • (To Eliasor) “Well said. Well said, Patricia Melissar’s daughter. You will be as great a [Lady] as your mother. Perhaps greater.”
  • (To Eliasor) “But I promise you, you will have vengeance. Whether by Magnolia’s hand or mine. Or your own. Never forget them. That is what makes you strong.”

References Edit

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