Zara Walker is of one of the people, who got transported to the other world from Earth. Her user name is [strider_479].

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Zara's appearance is currently unknown.

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Chronology Edit

Zara Walker, under the the name [strider_479], was part of a discussion in a chatroom, created by [BlackMage], between several people, who like her, got transported from Earth to the other world. At that time, Zara had only been in the new world for about two weeks and was currently residing in Pentagost.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Ranger] Lv. 16

Skills: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She's from Australia.

Quotes Edit

  • (In Chatroom) = More like a magical chatroom. I’m not sure how this is possible, though.
  • (In Chatroom) = Good information to know. I’m a Level 16 [Ranger], by the way.
  • (In Chatroom) = This Australian enough for you, ‘mate’?
  • (In Chatroom) = You trolling bastard.
  • (In Chatroom) = Important tips? Seems like leveling in this world is based on adversity, not repetition?
  • (In Chatroom) = Seriously. Stop asking questions. I watched Red Dog as a kid.
  • (In Chatroom) = DISCONNECT
  • (In Chatroom) = I can confirm that. I’ve seen the Winter Sprites too. They’re horrible. If you bother them they start avalanches. Stay away.
  • (In Chatroom) = It was pretty clear looking back that [batman] was a lot smarter than we thought. They figured out there was a spy in the group and warned us in secret.
  • (In Chatroom) = First off, I’m not. Second, I was adopted. My birth name’s a mystery even to me.
  • (In Chatroom) = No worries. I’ll start. [Ranger], like I said. I’m in Terandria.
  • (In Chatroom) = Why are we doing this, by the way [BlackMage]? What’s the end goal for us?


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