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Zel Shivertail, also known as the Tidebreaker, was one of the best defensive generals on Izril, and the hero of two Antinium Wars.


Zel had a huge, muscular body (though he wasn't as thickly built as Relc) with green scales that were tinted a bit grey.[1]

He had an aura that projected something solid that made him hard to ignore, or forget.


Zel Shivertail was a seasoned military leader and largely considered to be the greatest Drake [General] of his time. On the battlefield, he was a great fighter, leader and tactician. Despite his reputation, Zel was warm and friendly in person. He didn't display typical Drake prejudices against other species, though he possessed a dislike of Goblins and Antinium. Despite that, he was willing to give advice to Pawn and Belgrade. While he was estranged from most of his family, he was close with Tekshia and Selys, despite not seeing them often. Despite his fame, or rather because of it, Zel did not enjoy being the center of attention, preferring to be around non-Drakes as they usually didn't know who he was.[2] However, he still felt the need to be the symbol for the Drakes.[3]


Zel Shivertail was a hero of the commonfolk living in the Walled Cities. Originally a level 15 [Lieutenant], he surprised the continent by surviving when the city of Geir was overrun by the Antinium. He and three hundred warriors and civilians fled into the city dungeon where they held out and grew stronger by constantly leveling up. Eventually they were strong enough to push the Antinium out of the dungeon and escape. As their leader, Zel cemented his rank as a hero — a commoner born from nothing, yet achieving what no-one else had done.

In the process, he became one of the most renowned [Generals] on the continent. Even Niers Astoragon thought of him in praise.


During the 1st Antinium War, more than 10 years ago, he grew from a Level 15 [Lieutenant] to a Level 39 [General] after his battles; one of the most incredible growths ever recorded in known history. Shivertail became hailed as ‘Tidebreaker’, in reference to the Black Tide’s failure to overwhelm his army time and time again.[4] Zel killed two Centenium that Klbkch considered to be friends[5] (Rehab and Mellika[6]).

In the year of Erin's arrival, Zel was the [General] for the Trisstral Alliance in their dispute with Salazsar. He won the war decisevely and captured Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale after overrunning his forces.[7]

He was then surprised by the emerging Goblin Lord and retreated to Liscor where he stayed for a while, before being hired by Magnolia Reinhart to fight the Goblin Lord near Invrisil. He thus was the first Drake [General] to go north past Liscor to Esthelm,[8] and then further north, since the last Antinium War.[9] In Northern Izril, he lead Magnolia's coalition of human forces. There, Zel succumbed to a surprise attack by Az'kerash and his Chosen.

His death caused a shock in the Drake communities all over Izril. One of his last possessions was the Heartflame Breastplate, that was inherited by his niece Selys.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zel's personal abilities gave him the strength equivalent to a Named Adventurer. He possessed razor-sharp claws, capable of cutting through even the carapaces of Antinium Soldiers.[10]

As a defensive [General], he was not suited for offense, but for defending to hold the line. Occasionally he could charge into the enemy and redefine the line, but he was best suited defending.[11]


  • [General of the Line] Lv. ? (Higher than 39)


  • [Antimagic Slash]
  • [Bonebreaker Headbutt]
  • [Chargebreaker Guard]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Glorious Charge]
  • [Hold the Line]
  • [Lightning Slash]
  • [Rapid Maneuvering]
  • [Rending—] (full name yet to be revealed)
  • [Scything Arms]
  • [Shield Wall]
  • [Stonewall Formation]
  • [Surge of Strength]
  • [Titan’s Cut]
  • [Vanguard of Steel]


While he never rode horses when fighting, he was still a competent rider.[12]


  • Heartflame Breastplate
  • A pair of rings and a pendant, enchanted to protect from teleportation, curses, metal attack spells and the other standard fare for a someone at a Rank of a General.


  • He hated mysteries.[13]
  • Zel was the highest-level Drake [General] in the entire world.[14]
  • Zel was in a romantic relationship with General Sserys, which was kept secret or simply not talked about due to homophobic attitudes among Drakes.[15]



  • (To Himself) “What a burning stupid reason for a war.”
  • (To Ilvriss) “Hold on now, that’s a bit unfair. Why don’t you send some of those warriors my way? I’m sure it will make this a fairer fight.”
  • (To Erin) “Good evening, Miss. My apologies, I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is Zel Shivertail.”
  • (To Erin) “If you kicked me out for saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised. It wasn’t my place, but I had to say something.”
  • (To Klbkch) “I won’t break the truce. But I don’t have to pretend to like you.”
  • (To Erin) “I—it would be my pleasure, Erin. This is a good idea, and a good cause.”
  • (To Himself) “I see what you mean. I see it.”
  • (To Pawn) “You want me to give you…advice on how to lead an army?”
  • (To Pawn) “You tell them this. You tell them they did a good job, that they can rest. That you’ve never seen anyone fight that hard, that it’s only a scratch. That it’s going to be okay—”
  • (To Pawn) “Especially then. You tell them what they need to hear. And sometimes, what they need to hear is nothing. Sometimes you just hold their claw and say goodbye. Sometimes…”
  • (To Ilvriss) “That’s because you only asked Drakes, you idiot. If you want to find a Human, you talk to Humans.”
  • (To Ilvriss) “You’re a fool, then. We didn’t lose half of the continent to Humans a few thousand years ago because we get along well.”
  • (To Ryoka) “We meet again, Miss Runner. My apologies, it’s Miss Griffin, isn’t it?”
  • (To Ilvriss) “Funny, I thought we were trying to spy on them.”
  • (To Ikriss) “You may be right. We warriors don’t have the same tricks mages do. But we don’t die easily, either.”
  • (To Erin) “You’re kind to strangers, Erin Solstice. That’s all. And that’s not a bad thing. If you can prove some Goblins are worth living, well, who am I to stop you?”
  • (To Az’kerash) “Too afraid I’ll kill you a second time?”
  • (To Az’kerash) “So that’s why you made them. I see. They truly are your masterpieces. Your…hope. And if I crush them, your plans are set back, aren’t they?”
  • (To Az’kerash & the Chosen) “You think you understand strength! I am the shield of the Drakes! I am a [General]! And a general does not fall!
  • (To himself) “My mentor, my friend, wings of my heart, did I do a good job? Defending our people? It was so very difficult without you. Will I see you, I wonder? Will you say I did a good job or a bad one when we meet?”
  • (To Reiss) “How about Reiss? It’s a proper Drake name. If I had a son—Sserys always talked about wanting to raise a boy and name him that.”
  • (To Rabbiteater & Erin) “No service. This inn hasn’t changed much. But I rather liked the [Princess]. Did I know she was a [Princess]? I don’t think I’m quite real. Half-real. Made up of what she thought of me. Filled in by the Skill, rather. Isn’t that right?”
  • (To Erin) “…Why a steak? At least bring me something Imani’s made. If I came back from the dead, could you at least bring me a new dish? Thank you.”
  • (To Rabbiteater) “Listen. If you’re a [Champion], you’re a [Champion]. If you’re a [Knight], you’re a [Knight]. Who said they know what being a [Knight] is? They’re Human. Perspectives differ. I’ve seen cowardly, poor [Knights] and the bravest [Warriors] and everything else.”
  • (To Rabbiteater) “Stop holding back! You’re fighting like a [Knight]! Fight like a Goblin! Cut loose!”
  • (To Rabbiteater) “Good enough. And good job, Rabbiteater. Straighten your back.”