Zevara Sunderscale, is an Oldblood Drake and the Watch Captain of Liscor's City Watch, charged with the protection of the City.

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She is tall,[1] has a scar on the left side of her face, has light blue scales, and either yellow[2] or light purple eyes.[3]

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Zevara started serving as Liscor's City Watch Captain, six years ago.[4]

Chronology Edit

Erin met her the first time after the death of Klbkch, which was reason for Zevara to retract any protection from the Wandering Inn.[5]

Zevara was then seen again in Skinner's Attack on Liscor, when she led the scrambled defense after the Undead had already invaded the city. Her duty to protect the city let her stop Relc going after Skinner and fight Undead in the city even after Skinner had left for the Wandering Inn.[6] Zevara then met Erin again in a debrief at the Old Wandering Inn after the attack.[7]

Just the next day, Zevara faced Erin and Ryoka after they had entered the Ruins of Liscor without permission. However, the appearance of Gazi changed the entire encounter and Gazi was only defeated by the collaboration of everyone present, including Zevara.[8]

Three days later, when Erin was loudly yelling for Toren as she had lost her skeleton during the explosion and rebuilding of her inn just outside Zevara's jurisdiction, Zevara stepped in and told the noisy human to shut up.[9]

Two days later, Zevara's authority was challenged again by the iPhone festival happening at the Wandering Inn, where she couldn't prevent the singing and dancing.[10]

After Krshia captured Lyonette, it was decided that the human thief would be exiled instead of being executed. While Zevara was clearly involved in this decision, it was not shown directly and the political nature of the event meant that it also involved the enraged Gnoll community and the City Council.[11]

Not many days later, Zevara had to break up a fight between Erin and her patrons, the Gnolls and two gold-rank adventuring teams at the Wandering Inn.[12]


Powers and Abilities Edit

She is able to breathe fire, due to her ancestral dragon blood as an Oldblood Drake. She cannot use the ability unlimited like a dragon would. Every time she uses it she feels as though she is suffocating. A couple of times is the most she can do before she would likely die, due to lack of oxygen.[6][12]

Zevara begins the story being able to project a presence of being busy or hostile[13], as well as authority, despite not having any form of Aura skill.[14]

Zevara doesn't have a [Loud Voice] skill, and regrets not having that Skill.[12] She can make do with spells or items if she has time to prepare.[9]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Watch Captain] Lv. ?[15]
    • Derived from [Guardswoman][16]

Skills: Edit

  • [Dangersense][12]
  • [Lawbreaker’s Enemy]
  • Unknown Aura Skill

Abilities: Edit

  • Fire Breath

Trivia Edit

  • Her surname was revealed in Ch 5.13.
  • She has romantic feelings for Olesm, like Ceria Springwalker whom she dislikes as a romantic rival. Olesm felt awkward to the advances of either.[17]
  • Selys, who is in her early 20s,[18] estimated Zevara to be at most 7-8 years older than her.[19]

Quotes Edit

Volume 2 Edit

  • (To Erin) “HUMAN! SHUT UP!

Volume 4 Edit

  • (To Erin) “You struck him, Human! Don’t argue! Four gold coins. Give them to Relc—give them to Klbkch and don’t argue or I’ll double your fine!”
  • (To Relc) “Damn it, Relc! Get back here!

Volume 5 Edit

  • (To Erin) “I understand that you had reason to defend yourself, and I am on your side in this matter, Miss Solstice.”
  • (To Erin) “Me? Give in to those thugs? You have my intentions all wrong, Solstice. I’m not here to comply with Pallass’ demands. I’m here to resolve the situation.”
  • (To Erin) “No. But I won’t be able to protect you.”
  • (To Olesm) “She’s insane, Olesm. Completely insane.”
  • (To Relc) “Shut up, Relc! Get your fat tail moving or I’ll kick you off the walls!
  • (To Olesm) “Excellent work, Olesm. You saved us there.”
  • (To Embria) “A dispute that Liscor’s city does not share. Liscor’s army may be under contract to fight for Oteslia, but I would hope that ties to home matter more than gold, commander.”
  • (To Embria) “You would have gotten here yesterday. Too late. And now you have the gall to come into my office, into my city and demand to take charge?”
  • (ThoughtsDead gods, what will I tell the Council about all this? If I’d known they’d cause me more headaches I wouldn’t have bothered asking for their help in the first place!
  • (To Embria) “You’ve been gone from Liscor for a while, I understand that. But try to remember how we do things. We just survived one of the worst monster attacks in living memory. What do you think we’re going to do?”
  • (To Olesm & Ilvriss) “Tell them. And tell the damn Humans. Tell Tyrion Veltras. Tell the world. Liscor hasn’t fallen yet.”
  • (To Beilmark) “However, every time I think I know your people, they always surprise me. Every time I think I know magic, it surprises me. When I see that light, I can understand how Gnolls broke our Walled Cities so long ago.”
  • (To Beilmark) “It was a nice spell. Do it again without telling me first and I’ll throw you off this wall. Dismissed.”
  • (To Erin) “They’re fine. Hearing about that was the only amusing news I’ve gotten all day. It was about time someone kicked your teeth in, with how many fights you seem to escape unscathed.”

Volume 6 Edit

  • (To Lyonette) “What in the name of scaled rats—who let you in here?”
  • (To Klbkch) “Trust the Blighted Kingdom to attack first and never try for diplomacy ever.”
  • (To Erin) “You can help. Ancestors preserve me, but I’m okay with that. Especially if you can get Klbkch to promise more gold. But you have to promise me—no disasters!”
  • (To Ceria) “Then I will consider your crime. But I am the law. And I judge. And I do not see the monster you would die as.
  • (To Ceria) “What in the name of the Ancestors is a metabolism?”
  • (To Olesm) “Of course it frightens me. And maybe he’d kill me, Olesm. And you. And this entire city. But you know the thing about traitors? It’s not all the times they obey that makes them a traitor. It’s the one time they disobey that does it. And I’m willing to bet on one. How about you?”

Volume 7 Edit

  • (To herself) “Ancestors preserve our scales, if the Wyverns attack Liscor, I’m going to tie that Human to a ship and send her to Rhir. Let her bring disaster to the Demons.”
  • (To Lyonette) “…No. There was that idiocy Relc cooked up. Well, it was fairly good for morale and apparently Klbkch doesn’t have—why am I talking to you about this?”
  • (To Lyonette) “Stop. I don’t want to know. Stop. Right there. Don’t tell me. Don’t make excuses. I don’t want to…wait. I thought—”
  • (To Lyonette) “True. Keep practicing, Lyonette. Come here and I’ll hit you with a sword. That cheers me up. Relc’s too slippery.”
  • (To Relc) “Get me a platoon to that inn! Before that [Innkeeper] does something!

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